About Us

Our Commitment

57Cals’ vision is to bring the traditional Mediterranean street food to another level by offering customers an exciting variety of authentic, vegan,  fresh and tasty falafel dishes, shawarma, and shish taouk. Many other choices of sandwiches that you wouldn’t think you could have the vegan version of, full of colour, texture and flavor are added to the menu regularly.

We strive to make 57Cals the go-to restaurant for vegetarians and vegans in Laval, as well as for all those who want to take a break from the usual. We want our customers to have an exciting, different, and adventurous experience with our food. We are dedicated to bring you only fresh and natural ingredients, and everything from the falafel patties to the sauces are made from scratch.

Knowing that our customers are too busy to cook sometimes, we strive to relieve them of their worries about lunch or dinner. 57Cals’ fresh and healthy servings are the next best thing to a home cooked meal!


The Talent behind Our Creations

The creative force behind 57Cals is co-owner and chef Silva. She is full of energy and enthusiasm, especially when inspired to create a new recipe to add on her repertoire. She uplifts the atmosphere in the kitchen and customers leave the restaurant having made a new friend in her. An artist at heart, she loves to travel and learn about different cultures and traditions and cuisines. She never shies away from trying new things, and experiencing new tastes and culinary sensations. She’s always searching for the perfect sauce, perfect spice combination and the perfect marriage of different ingredients.

Our staff members are our backbone. Their dedication and commitment to be the best in what they do has helped 57Cals to become a favorite in our neighborhood and beyond. Our young and diligent staff members are as excited as we are with our new recipes and they enjoy the changes we incorporated recently to make the 57Cals experience even more exceptional.

Our Transformation

As many already know, 57Cals used to be Crazy Falafel Laval. As her own dietary choices started changing and as she started researching and making changes in her life, chef Silva realized that Crazy Falafel’s menu was not something she wanted to continue serving. For that reason, she decided to change the concept and menu, and added two new partners to join her in this new venture. And so, 57Cals was born.

Our newly renovated restaurant has an enlarged and fully equipped kitchen, which provides a roomy space for the staff to work there. The meticulously clean premises create a comfortable atmosphere where the tone is both friendly and professional.